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Day why I Give My Husband A BJ Every

Day why I Give My Husband A BJ Every

A blowjob is a near-daily occurrence in my house.

Now, so you know I’m serious: HE DOES NOT, NOR WOULD HE EVER, EXPECT THIS before you click furiously away in a fit of rage, let me explain the most important factor in this, in all caps. In reality, he understands me and expectantly waggled his dick in my face, I’d tell him just where he could stick it … and it wouldn’t be anywhere pleasant, trust me if he ever came up to.

Nope, the BJs that are frequent all my concept. Maybe maybe maybe Not because i’m like they’re my “wifely responsibility” by youtube com watch?v=NVTRbNgz2oos sites any stretch of this imagination, or something like that I owe to him because he’s the main breadwinner or some similarly stupid and archaic way of thinking.READ MORE

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